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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Movie Reviews

I am going to try and start reviewing some of the movies I watch, please be nice as I have never written a movie review before. I will be the first to admit that I am a Sci-Fi fan as you could have probably guessed by reading any of my other posts (I guess I am saying that it is probably pretty obvious that I am a geek or a nerd or whatever you want to call me, not that I am saying that all nerds like nothing but Sci-Fi movies, well actually I am, come on admit it, yes you, you would much prefer to kick back, remote in one hand, a back issue of 2600 clutched tightly in the other, whilst watching a scantily clad female robot kick a little ass on a alien world not too far away from our very own sector). I am not ashamed of liking Sci-Fi movies and to be honest I prefer the low budget, straight to video kind. Why I hear you scream, well to be honest I am not sure but I think it’s because most of the big budget Sci-Fi movies tend to be a little full of themselves, lost in big name celebs and fancy CGI. I am by no means saying that the blockbuster Sci-Fi movies suck some of them are very good, I am just saying that I like a good, middle of the night airing, of some good old b movie Sci-Fi, after all the whole Sci-Fi genre was started with b movies (ever seen Plan 9 From Outer Space?). Sorry I digress, back to reviewing movies, I know there are many people reviewing movies out here in the vastness that is the metaverse but quite frankly I don’t really like most of them, they tend to be stuck up pompous pricks that miss the point of a good Sci-Fi flick. I will try and keep it a little more down to earth so to speak. I am not sure what movie will first fall victim to my delusions of grandeur as a want to be movie critic but I can assure you it will probably never will have known the glory of an opening night, nor heard the screams from the hordes of avid fans camped out for days outside the movie theater, but good or bad that poor little unknown 90 minutes of cinematic failure deserves a review from someone. I will probably throw in a few blockbusters too, just to keep everything nice and fair, we wouldn’t want them to feel left out now would we. So now I am off to free the clicker from the evil clutches of the sofa and pursue my first victim.


northcottage said...

Heres the thing about sci fi movies - they are what they are, entertainment. If you are one of those nasty geekoids who bangs on and on about whether the deflector dish was the same design on 1701d as it was in battlestar gallactica then dont bother.If you are going to do real reviews critiquing the quality of writing etc then ok.

Let me give you a couple of ideas to start you off why not review some of the genuine classics that most people under 50 havnt even heard of.

War of the worlds maybe, not with tom cruise, day of the triffids, the fly the original. There are lots out there to choose from. But please dont waste my time asking stupid questions about continuity of story libnes in star wars

mike said...

I like sci fi too and I am not a geek, in fact I hate computers and mp3 players and ipods and stuff like that. But yes I like sci fi low and big budget. Can you tell me where I can get one of those female robots you are talking about? I checked on radio shacks web site, nothing I went into circuit city to ask and they asked me to leave the premises. People are very strange sometimes I even offered to purchase the young female robot which appeared to be selling something called a blue tooth. Why anyone would want blue teeth I dont know. Anyway they threw me out after that so I never found out. I look forward to reading your movie reviews with keen interest, please though try to keep to the point

mike said...

If you intend reviewing movies why dont you get on with it. Whats the point of me visititing your blog eagerly expecting your considered deliberations when you dont do anything?