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Thursday, May 22, 2008

IOGear USB Bluetooth Mod

This was a fun little project, I hate the idea of Bluetooth headsets, well let me rephrase that, I don’t hate the idea I think the idea is great I guess what I am saying is I hate the fashion trend of Bluetooth headsets. I think the whole thing is rather silly. So on a somewhat hypocritical note I joined the masses, laid my money down and procured myself a Bluetooth headset. (As a side note, did you know the name Bluetooth comes from a tenth century king of Denmark and Norway, King Harald Bluetooth. Who was renowned for unifying warring tribes in Denmark and Norway) Long story short I wanted to use it in conjunction with my VOIP soft phone so I could talk to my family over the pond in the UK without being tied to my desk. After setting it all up I was sadly disappointed in the range, I could walk no more than about five or six feet from my computer without static and everything breaking up. Not wanting to be defeated I had a quick look around the net for inspiration grabbed a few tools and the rest, not unlike King Harald himself, is history.

You can read all about this mod over at or click on the link below

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